Out of all the treasures in the world that King Solomon possessed, his offering to the Queen of Sheba was the gift of the Dead Sea. When Marc Antony conquered the region, he gave the title to Empress Cleopatra, the first to use it as a spa retreat. Celebrity royalty Susan Sarandon swears by Dead Sea minerals. These stories beg the question–is there a more coveted gift than renewal?

Everyone, even queens, sometimes wish they could start over. Strip away their mistakes, peel off the scars of their past and emerge as someone new–a blank slate with endless possibilities.

There is something about being reborn out of the lowest place on Earth, where the sun’s rays are a little less incisive and the oxygen a trace more abundant. Here, in the richest sea in the world, under the charm of relaxation and rejoice, you find the part of you that’s missing: calcium for freshness and flexibility, bromine to relieve stress, magnesium for energy and relief from irritation.

The Dead Sea does for your skin what it does for your essence. At Cure Natural Skin Care, we supply this miracle of the Dead Sea, from its 50 billion tons of minerals to its rejuvenating mud from the Jordan River Valley to share its ancient healing powers. In turn, the birth of your own rebirth stands, and the ornament of life, both past and present, glimmers strong answering the age-old question. No, there is nothing more coveted than renewal.